Volume 3, Issue 1 (January 2014)

The last issue of the Journal focused on the work of an influential voice in the livestock industry, Temple Grandin, Ph.D., including her case for solid-sided, curved, tub systems. This issue presents an analysis, or critique, of those systems, and articulates the alternative perspective and approach advocated by Bud Williams, as well as a rebuttal by Dr. Grandin. We also hear Bud and Eunice Williams’ thoughts on Grandin’s systems.

The design and proper use of the BudBox--a unique crowd pen designed by Bud Williams--and how to correctly use the conventional V-shaped crowd pen are addressed in detail in Applied Stockmanship, including narrated videos on their use.

whitThis issue focuses on Dawn Hnatow, who Bud Williams called “the best livestock handler in the country.” When I asked Bud if anyone knew everything that he did, he replied, “No, but different people have parts of it.” Dawn Hnatow has more parts of it than anyone else, excepting perhaps Bud’s wife, Eunice. Spending several days with Dawn in December 2013 to do the Interview and Profile, and managing to observe her work some cattle, I was impressed with not her ability but her humility.

This issue contains a Profile of Dawn and a lengthy Interview with her answers to 23 important questions concerning low-stress livestock handling.

Lastly, this issue finishes with the Mythbusters, Research Pearls, Instructional Materials Review, and Resources sections.

Photo: Brendan Beatty at the LO Ranch, Montana.