Overview 1

Welcome to the Stockmanship Journal

The importance of stockmanship is becoming well recognized. However, until now there was no professional journal addressing the subject. Without such a journal, there is no consistent and efficient way to share information on stockmanship in a professional manner nor to engage in an open, intelligent and informed dialogue. A professional journal serves as a forum for the clear communication of relevant information within the discipline, thereby improving the level of discourse which advances the discipline itself. Progress within scientific, academic and other professional disciplines depends on original contributions by subject experts published in a journal to be read and critiqued by the relevant community.

From modest beginnings, such journals grow in size and depth, and eventually serve as the repository for the accumulated collective knowledge of the contributors and as a primary reference for serious students, practitioners, and scholars in the field.

In the Stockmanship Journal website, the editor introduces the Journal: its purpose, editor bio, definition of “stockmanship,” a statement about what the Journal is not, editorial policy and submission guidelines, glossary, and a video montage of excerpts from future educational slide shows and videos (see Videos).

The editor is soliciting submissions from experts and serious practitioners in the field that meet the editorial policy and submission guidelines (see Submissions).

Masthead Photo: Trailing pairs, Sieben Live Stock Co., Cascade, Montana. Photo credit: Whit Hibbard
Body Photo: Trailing yearlings, Sieben Live Stock Co., Cascade, Montana. Photo credit: Whit Hibbard