The Editor

The editor, Whit Hibbard, is a fourth generation Montana cattle and sheep rancher and former national park mounted ranger. Whit is a student of low-stress livestock handling, natural horsemanship, ranch roping, and facilities design. He believes strongly in the importance and value of stockmanship and is committed to its serious study and promotion. Whit participated in a major paradigm shift on his family's ranch (Sieben Live Stock Co., Adel, Montana) from conventional to low-stress livestock handling. He was the director of a highly successful two-year project to round up trespass livestock from Mexico in Big Bend National Park which used a stockmanship approach (see The Stockman Grass Farmer cover story, December, 2007) and similarly walked in wild horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Whit is not an authority on stockmanship, but with the contributions of subject experts he intends for the Journal to be authoritative. Holding a Ph.D. in Human Science and with three books and six peer-reviewed journal articles to his credit, Whit brings an appreciation for scientific rigor, critical thinking, evidence-based rationality, and empirical research skills to the study of stockmanship.

Photo Credit: Amy Winterburn